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快3开奖结果 www.1off.com.cn 安妮意大利餐厅8月23日推出4款特式饮品,与您分享别样心情! From August 23rd, Annie&#8217 …



From August 23rd, Annie’s Italian restaurant will introduce 4 new kinds of aperitifs.

Let’s share with you…




Annie’s Italian afternoon sets…

BUON?? APPETITO… Italian afternoon sets?????????Rmb/48 …


Italian afternoon sets?????????Rmb/48.00??

(From Monday to Friday 2-5pm!)


Set A(Sweet):Apple pie,yogurt cream & free refill fresh coffee_MG_0923_副本

SetB(Salty): 5 kinds of bites,with a glass of wine or a Italian Moretti beer



Annie’s Signature Sangria!

Get refreshed with our new summer cooler!

Get refreshed at Annie’s with our signature sangria! Made with freshly cut fruit, lemon juice, a dash of Cointreau, sugar syrup, Spanish red wine and topped off with Sprite and a hint of dried cloves. 35 RMB / glass, 168 RMB / pitcher. Italian (Spanish) taste!



Annie’s Italian Digestifs!

Annie’s has the biggest selection of speciality Italian digestifs in Beijing! Isn’t it about time you tried one?

Italians believe that sipping a strong alcoholic drink after a meal is a great way to aid digestion. We agree – it’s also delicious! That’s why Annie’s stocks the largest selection of speciality Italian digestifs in Beijing.

Next time you visit, why don’t you try one of our six varieties of Amaro? This bittersweet drink is made from many aromatic herbs and flowers. Annie’s Executive Chef Marco recommends Villa Massa. It’s his favourite!

Or perhaps you’d prefer the sharp fruitiness of a Limencello? From Southern Italy, Limoncello is distilled from the zest of Sorrento lemons.

We also have several varieties of the famous anise-flavoured Sambucca, as well as Grappa, a grape-based brandy.

Whichever you choose, don’t forget to chink glasses and say santé!

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